Principles & Rules

Kardinia Judo Club - Guiding Principles

To maintain our judo club as a happy and harmonious place, we ask that all members and visitors follow these principles and rules when attending our judo club or when taking part in judo activities elsewhere.

  1. Whenever you do judo, you are representing our club. Be a good ambassador and a good role-model. Set a good example for others to follow.

  2. Show courtesy and respect - behave courteously and respectfully towards competition officials, coaches, seniors, other judoka and visitors to our club at all times.

  3. Be helpful and share your knowledge - help less experienced members with their judo, whether by giving them a few tips and pointers or by encouraging them when they’re doing judo.

  4. Be a good sport - respect and recognise the skills and efforts of your opponent, whether in training or in competition. Remember, without the other person, there would be no judo.

  5. In competition or in training, let your judo do the talking - avoid showy displays when you win, don't cry or 'spit the dummy' when you don’t. Always shake hands with your opponent at the end of a match.


Kardinia Judo Club - Judo practice area rules

  1. Shoes, food or drink are never permitted on the judo mats - snacks should be eaten outside the judo area before the start of judo. No drinks apart from water should be anywhere near the judo mats.

  2. Be punctual and tidy - you need to be wearing your judo gi and ready to start judo a few minutes before the start of your session. Organise your bags etc. neatly - don’t leave them scattered all around the practice area.

  3. Listen quietly to your coach and the seniors running your judo session - keep chat to a minimum during judo so others can hear what the coach or seniors are saying.

  4. Parents are most welcome to watch sessions - but please don't distract from or interfere with the coaches as they instruct

  5. Keep your judo gi clean and your fingernails and toenails short.

  6. Don't wear metal on the judo mat - no ear-rings or studs, no rings, no piercings, no hair clips.

  7. Be a good training partner - don’t ‘rough-up’ less experienced or smaller training partners.

  8. Be a good training partner - allow less experienced or smaller partners to throw you and hold you down a fair bit of the time. Use this to practice your own break-falls and escape techniques.

  9. Be a good training partner - adopt a neutral, feet apart stance when your partner is doing throwing practice.

  10. Have fun