Upcoming events

Spring Holiday Training 2015

Spring Holiday Training 2015v is already underway. PLease note the following dates and times carefully:

Tuesday 29 September: 3:00 to 4:30 pm - ON

Wednesday 30 September: 7:00 to 8:30 - ON.  NO JUDO IN THE AFTERNOON.

Thursday 1st October - NO JUDO ALL DAY

Friday 2nd October - 7:00 to 8:30 am - ON. 3:00 to 4:30 pm - ON.

Saturday 10:00 to 11:30 am - ON. This is the final Spring Holiday training session.

Results of Sydney International Open 2015

Junior Boys: Jules Aiberti - 5th

Senior Girls: Sakura Tajiri - Bronze

Senior Boys: Luca Aiberti  - Silver

Cadet Men: Matt Jones - Bronze

                    Taira Tajiri - Gold

Junior Men: Taira Tajiri - Bronze

                    Mike Valent - Bronze

Senior Men: Taira Tajiri - 5th

                    Mike Valent - Bronze



Start of Term Judo 2015

Summer training will finish at Kardinia on Thursday the 22nd of January. Senior club members are encouraged to attend the Evolve training camp from the 23rd to the 26th of January.

Other wise, there will be NO judo at Kardinia from the 23rd to the 1st of February.

On Monday the 2nd of February, Judo will start back according to normal in-term times, as listed on our Club Details Page. 

There will be a Club Meeting for all Senior School members in room C5 at Lunchtime on Monday February 2nd. Don't be late!!



Summer Holiday Training 2015

Welcome to judo 2015!! I hope everybody in the club had a happy and restful Christmas and New Year!

Summer Holiday judo practice has started, and while the regular crew have been training hard, it would be great to see a few more people coming along for a workout. It would be particularly good to see some more of our senior school students at training. In fact tonight (13/1/2015) and Thursday night, we will have some guests coming from Melbourne to train with us, so it really would be good to see a few more faces at training then. Summer Holiday Training is each weeknight, 6:30 to 8:30.

One of the reasons that we have summer training, is that we can prepare for the two major JFA tournaments that start the year. The ACT Open (February 21/22) and the QLD Open (13 - 15 March) are the two selection tournaments for the Oceania Championships. That means that we train hard now, so we have a good chance of winning at those tournaments.

One other thing that we have to do before hand, is arrange our accommodation, which means that we need to know who is going to either ACT, QLD or both, very soon. If you intend competing in either of these JFA tournaments, please let Doug Noack know as soon as you can, in writing!!

Sunday 7th December -  JVI 2014 State Championships. Participation in this tournament is a compulsory requirement for those seeking selection in the Victorian squad for the Judo National Championships in 2015. On-line entry and payment can be made via this link:    On-line entries close 30th November. Late entries can be made on the day, but incur a late fee. Further information is available here


Mike Valent places equal 4th at Oceania Continental Open

On Friday 14th November Mike Valent scored the Kardinia Judo Club’s best ever result. Mike fought for Australia at the Oceania Continental Open championship, held in Wollongong. This in itself was a great honour – selection for the team was based upon points earned at international level. However this tournament was a whole level higher than any that our members have fought in yet. This was a tournament hosted by Oceania – which meant that countries from outside the Oceania region were welcome to send athletes hunting qualification points for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Mike fought with inspiration and cunning, winning his first two fights, against opponents from Papua New Guinea and Korea, by the perfect ippon score. He then fought hard in the semi-final and bronze medal finals, unfortunately to no avail. However, his eventual placing of equal 4th was easily beyond our expectations, and is far and away our best result yet.

The club extends the biggest of congratulations to Mike. It’s a win that he has worked hard for, training almost every day for the last ten years or so. It also raises the prospect of further wins in the future. Well done Mike Valent!


JVI World Judo Day Tournament 26th October 2014 

Kardinia has maintained it's year-long lead in the JVI Club Championship with it's best tournament result this year. In Round 6 of the JVI Club Championship, we earned 65 points, with the second placed team on the day earning 34 points. In in overall tally this year, out of 26 club teams, the 2nd placed team, Mornington, have 167 points. Kardinia sits on top of the table with 308 points.

Two things in particular made Sunday's result especially exciting. One was that the club was missing many of its past senior champions, for various reasons. Mike Valent, Hayden Nilon, and Mitch Fridey, not to mention Kimiya Koyama, Jaxon Daw, Jack Minter, and a few others. To get such a high score in spite of missing many of our team really speaks volumes for the depth of our team. The other was that we had four people competing at JVI for the first time. Brodie NelsonSienna PetersHenry Burke and Alex Ramsey all made their JVI debut. They all handled their nerves well and gave their best on the mat. Others such as Jack BurkeFraizer and Dylan Nelson were fighting in only their second or third JVI tournament.

The medal tally for the day went as follows: Bronze medals – Hugo Nadeson, Jules Aiberti, Wade McKenzie.  Silver  - Brodie Nelson, Dylan Nelson, Sienna Peters, Liam Clark, Taira Tajiri, Matt Jones, Airi Tajiri and Gaz Martz.  GoldNikita Harvey, Ryan Gibson, and double gold to both Airi and Taira Tajiri. Full results of the tournament are available  here 

One point stood out clearly – Airi, Taira and Ryan Gibson all trained for six months at our sister school in Japan, Gotemba Nishi. The results of that training were there for all to see at the tournament – our thanks go to Fujimaki sensei and Sawaguchi sensei of the Gotemba Nishi High School judo club. 


JVI  Spring Tournament Sept 14th 2014

On the 14th of September, Kardinia Judo Club took down 14 competitors for the Judo Victoria Spring tournament. As well as the usual seasoned competitors, there were also a number of fresh faces eager to increase their judo experience. We brought home 10 medals of varying colour, most of which came from our junior competitors. Gold medal winners were: Liam Clark, Jules Aiberti, Luca Aiberti, Garion Ysenbruk-Martz, and Mitchell Fridey. Silver medal winners: Adam Salt, Sakura Tajiri, and Airi Tajiri. Bronze medal winner: Hugo Nadeson. Jack Burke fought strongly in his first tournament, gaining valuable experience and 11 year old Rory Clark was brave in the U15s, competing against boys who were 4 and 5 kilos heavier. Hugo Nadeson was completely winded by a big hip throw (Ogoshi) in his 2nd bout and had to be helped from the mat, but showed the Kardinia spirit - coming back strongly to win his 3rd and 4th bouts and the bronze medal in his division.

Kardinia Judo Club was once again a great role model for the other clubs, providing help where ever it was needed and always supporting all competitors. Those that didn’t have to leave early stayed until the end of the competition day and helped with the pack up process, removing all the mats and returning tables and chairs etc., for which the JVI committee were very grateful. After a successful tournament, we’re now working hard for the next one, on the 26th of October.

The full JVI Tournament results are available here:


Southern Cross International Open Judo Championships

August 8 to 10th, 2014

The Kardinia Judo Club had a very successful weekend at the Southern Cross International Open on the weekend. This was the “home” interstate tournament for the club, which meant that for once, the best in Australia came to us, and for once, we didn’t have to drive all night to go looking for a fight! 

Kardinia had an excellent turn out for the Open. With 17 competitors, Kardinia had the largest team at the tournament. The really exciting thing about that number was that we were also missing another ten team members, due to injury or absence overseas.

A number of our team were competing at JFA (Judo Federation of Australia) level for the first time. Rory Clark, Nikita Harvey, Adam Salt, Daisy Alexander, Nick Imbrogno, Matt Jones and Kimiya Koyama were all making the step up from JVI level to JFA level (although Rory did compete in the national titles this year). All fought well and gained invaluable experience, without which you cannot move up to winning medals at this level.

Our veteran fighters all fought hard. In the juniors it was a shame to see Wade McKenzie and Luca Aiberti facing each other in a bronze medal final, as both boys thoroughly deserved a medal each. In the seniors, two of our team members were fighting in a heavier weight group for the first time. Airi Tajiri moved up from the 48kg class to the 52 kg class, while Michal Valent moved up to the 66kg class.

Our final results were:

Junior Boys and Girls:

               Nikita Harvey – Silver u/48kg (debut)

Senior Boys and Girls:

               Rory Clark – fought well! u/36kg (debut)

               Luca Aiberti – 5th, u/40kg

               Wade McKenzie – Bronze, u/40kg

               Sakura Tajiri – Silver, u/44kg

               Adam Salt – fought well, u/45kg (debut)

               Damon Talevski – fought well, u/50kg

               Daisy Alexander – fought well, u/63kg

Cadet Men and Women:

               Matt Jones – fought well, u/55kg (debut)

               Nick Imbrogno – fought well, u/55kg (debut)

               Kimiya Koyama – 5th, u/66kg (debut)

               Jaxon Daw – fought well, u/81kg

               Airi Tajiri – Silver, u/52kg

Junior Men and Women:

               Kimiya Koyama – 5th, u/66kg

               Michal Valent – Gold, u/66kg

               Mitch Fridey – Silver, u81kg

               Jaxon Daw – 5th, u/81kg

               Airi Tajiri – Bronze, u/52kg

Senior Men and Women:

               Kimiya Koyama – fought well, u/66kg

               Michal Valent – Bronze, u/66kg

               Garion Ysenbruk-martz – fought well, u/73kg

               Mitch Fridey – 5th, u/81kg

               Airi Tajiri – 5th, u/52kg

Old Men Who Ought to Know Better:

               Doug Noack – Bronze, u/73kg 



Last term the club had a great event - Jaxon Daw won his Kardinia Shodan black belt. Jaxon earnt his belt in great style, winning 10 points in the Batsukan Grading monthly contests. Jaxon completed his Nage-no-kata at the Term 1 Grading Promotion Test. To keep his Kardinia Shodan, he will have to present the nage-no-kata at each grading day until he graduates. He will also have to attend judo at least twice a week. This is because the rank of Kardinia Shodan indicates our club leaders. As a Kardinia black belt, Jaxon will be expected to provide leadership and care for our club juniors. Jaxon has already being doing that for some time. He was more than ready to take on the mantle of Kardinia Shodan well before he won those final points. Well done Jaxon!!

National Titles 2014

The National Titles, held in Wollongong, were easily Kardinia's best titles to date. the club had 14 members competing for Victoria, the most in the history of the club. Part of that was due to our largest junior squad ever: Rory Clark (debut), Luca Aiberti, Wade McKenzie and  Sakura Tajiri (silver) all fought hard in their divisions. Wade and Luca were both fighting in the biggest division in the entire championships. 

In the seniors, Damon Talevski, Nich Barker (debut), Jaxon Daw, Janita Graham (debut), Airi Tajiri (bronze x 2) Hayden Nilon (5th), Mitch Fridey (5th), Michal Valent (silver), Gaz Martz all fought with great spirit. Gaz won his first ever fight at nationals while Mitch fought bravely, in his comeback tournament after a knee injury. 

Our tally of 4 medals - 2 bronze to Airi, 1 silver medal each to Sakura and Michal, was our best ever. As always, we had a lot of fun on the trip and at the caravan park. Huge thanks go to Brad Aiberti, Craig McKenzie, Ikuyo Tajiri and Nicholas Clark for their support and management of the whole trip. 

The most exciting thing about the nationals 2014 is looking ahead to 2015. We have a batch of club members, including (but not restricted to) Liam Clark, Hugo Nadeson, Nikita Harvey, Jack Burke, Tom Vacirca, Spencer Worland, Dylan Nelson, Gaiji Koyama, Georgia Siddall, Daisy Alexander, Sinta Baker, Adam Salt, Jack Minter, Nick Imbrogno, Matt Jones and Mo Anchuleepradit who have the potential to join the team for the 2015 Nationals. And of course, Taira Tajiri and Ryan Gibson, who have been training at Gotemba Nishi High School since April, will be back in the team as well. Our team goal for 2015 should be to take 20 club members to Wollongong in 2015.


Preparation for the National Championships

On the Queen's Birthday weekend (6-9 June) Kardinia will take it's largest ever team to the National Judo Championships in Wollongong with 15 competitors and 6 supporters. Doug Noack probably won't be busy enough, as he is only being the bus driver, team manager, coach, first aid person and competing in his own right in the Veterans division. If anyone has any additional jobs that need doing at the competition, contact Doug!

The team has showed enormous committment, with many of the seniors restarting their training during the January holidays. Since then, most of our squad for the Nationals has been doing multiple training sessions at the club each week (including Saturday mornings for the seniors) and additional intense training sessions on Sunday mornings with the rest of the Victorian squad in Melbourne, plus competing with distinction in the 3 JVI tournaments that have been held this year. Whatever the results at the championships, the club has been strengthened by the efforts of this dedicated group who now proudly wear the VIC patch on the back of their gi.


Round 3 of the JVI Club Championship was held at Springers Centre in Cheltenham on Sunday May 18.

At the JVI pre-Nationals tournament held in Cheltenham, a solid squad of Kardinia judoka and supporters made their presence felt. Not only on the scoreboard, but more importantly by showing good sportsmanship all day and by pitching in to help with the running of the tournament and packing up the mats afterwards. 

Making their first appearance at a JVI tournament were Dylan and Frazer Nelson (U9s) Lachlan Arnold (U12s) Sinta Baker (Junior Womens) and You Heng He (Mens) who all showed great spirit and gained valuable experience. 

On the scoreboard, medals were won by juniors Hugo Nadeson (gold), Jules Aiberti (gold), Liam Clark (silver) and Dylan Nelson (silver). In the senior boys, Kardinia made a clean sweep: Luca Aiberti (gold), Wade McKenzie (silver) and Rory Clark (bronze). Among the older members the only medal went to You Heng He in the mens division (gold).

Every competitor earns points for the club, so our sizeable team and the strong performance by our Junior and Senior Boys helped keep Kardinia at the top of the Club Leaderboard table for the tournament - the result being that Kardinia maintains it's position as the top JVI club in Victoria. For full details of the JVI club leaderboard, follow this link A full download of the tournament results is available here:


Michal Valent's international success

On 26th April 2014, Kardinia's Michal Valent represented Australia at the Oceania Judo Union Championships in Auckland NZ in the Junior Men's U60 class. As well as bringing home a wealth of experience (and a coveted "AUS" patch on the back of his gi) Michal also brought home the silver medal. NSW 16 year old Josh Katz won gold. Michal is a great ambassador for our club, he lets his judo do the talking, and he's a terrific person. We're very proud of him! 


Round 2 of the JVI Club Championship was held at Springers Centre in Cheltenham on Sunday March 30.

Kardinia again won the day, finishing with 48 points. Our closest rivals were Traralgon (35 points) and Western Judo Academy (32 points). Kardinia has now stretched its overall lead in the Championship, although it’s no doubt going to be tougher at the next round, as we will be without Mitch Fridey (knee injury) and Taira Tajiri (Gotemba Nishi). On the plus side we were missing at least six of our team last Sunday, so hopefully those people will be available for the next round.

Our competitors in Round 2 were: Liam Clark (Silver), Hugo Nadeson (Gold), Rory Clark, Jules Aiberti (Bronze), Nikita Harvey (Silver), Luca Aiberti (Gold), Damon Talevski, Daisy Alexander (Bronze), Taira Tajiri (Silver), Janita Graham (Bronze), Matt Jones, Nick Imbrogno (Bronze), Jaxon Daw (Bronze), Balin Fredericks (Bronze), Hayden Nilon (Gold), Michal Valent (2x Gold)and Gaz Ysenbruk-Martz (Silver).


Everyone fought well, and gave it their best on the mat. It was also very pleasing to see some of our members helping with the time-keeping and scoring at the tournament too. It was also great to see some of our mums and dads spectating and supporting our little tigers as well! The results are listed below:


JVI Club Championship 2014 Round 2 Results

Inter-Club Results














































Judo Bendigo









Sang Rok









Bentleigh & Southern









Western Judo






















































Geelong YMCA









Diamond Valley









Endeavour Hills




































Noble Soul



























Glenelg Hopkins









Ground Zero

























































QLD International Open (JFA) 7 - 9th March 2014

The Queensland International Open was the second of the two qualifying events for the Oceania Championships, which will be held in Auckland, New Zealand, in late April. The tournament was held at Ormiston College, Brisbane. The College was a beautiful private school, apparently the alma mater of Olympic swimmer Tracey Wickham. The Kardinia team stayed at a nearby caravan park, which although lacking in a swimming pool, was very pretty and clean, and had everything we needed (i.e. a well-stocked supermarket) nearby. For this Road Trip we had a crew of seven competitors: Damon Talevski (Senior Boys), Sakura Tajiri (Senior Girls), Taira Tajiri (Cadet Men, Junior Men), Airi Tajiri (Cadet Women, Junior Women, Senior Women), Hayden Nilon (Junior Men, Senior Men), Michal Valent (Junior Men, Senior Men) and Mitch Fridey (Junior Men, Senior Men).

Saturday was our busiest and our longest day. Busiest because 6 of our seven competitors were fighting, and longest because once again the computer system used by the officials decided that it would break the monotony of the day by continually breaking down. Still, that wasn't the officials' fault, and in every other respect the tournament was faultless. The veue was magnificent and the tournament very well organised. There were teams from each State in Australia, plus teams from Japan, Germany, Spain, Kazhakstan, Vanuatu and a couple of South Pacific islands yet to be discovered.

On day one Sakura Tajiri (bronze medal) and Damon Talevski both fought well in the Senior Boys and Girls divisions. So too Hayden Nilon, who struggled hard but was always up against it seeing as he was fighting with a heavy cold. Once again though our Sports Captain showed his character. Although having had a hard time on the mat, instead oif feeling sorry for himself he spent the remainder of the day helping our other teammates with their tournament preparation - this was remarked on to me by one of our opposition coaches.

Taira Tajiri fought his second tournament in the Cadets Division, and against all expectations fought his way through to the final of the u/55 kg division, where he lost to Lucas Revell of Western Australia. Taira finished with silver in the Cadets division. His sister Airi also won a silver medal in the Cadet Women's division, then followed that up with a bronze in the Junior Women division, and a fifth place in the Senior Women's division. Michal Valent also distinguished himself in the Junior Men's division, where he won silver, losing to Josh Katz of Budokan NSW in the final. This was a reversal of the result in Canberra. Michal also pulled a couple more of his trademark spectacular throws in the Senior Men's division, and although he finished outside the medal placings, his outstanding demeanour and beautiful judo earned him a coveted Spirit of Judo Award.

On day two it was the turn of our only heavy-weight, Mitch Fridey, who fought in the u/81kg division in the Junior and Senior Men's categories. Mitch also pulled off some spectacular throws to win silver in the Junior Men (including two against his opponent from Kazakstan). He also fought with fire in the Senior Men's.

All of our competitors fought hard, gained invaluable experience and had a great time. Out of our results, it would appear that Airi Tajiri and Michal Valent have almost certainly booked a place on the Australian team for the Oceania Championships, and Mitch Fridey is also a possible contender as well.

I was interested to see that the QLD Open organisers keep team points in the same fashion that we do for the KIC Cup. I.e. every participant earns a point. I would really like to take a big team to next year's QLD Open and see if we can't bring back that team winner's title!


ACT International Open (JFA) 22 - 23 February 2014

Kardinia took a team of 11 judoka to the first elite JFA tournament for 2014, the ACT International Open. All of our competitors gave a great effort, including those who either entered for the first time or entered a new age group for the first time. Four of our club members managed to get amongst the placings. Bronze - Damon Talevski (Senior Boys u/45kg), Airi Tajiri (Senior Women u/48kg) and Mitchell Fridey (Junior Men u/81kg). Gold - Airi Tajiri (Cadet Women u/48kg) and Michal Valent (Junior Men u/60kg).


1st JVI tournament, 16th February 2014

Kardinia Judo Club participates in three levels of competitions, Beginners (KIC Cup), Intermediate (Judo Victoria) and Elite (Judo Federation of Australia). The club competed in the first JVI tournament in February and enjoyed a field day, finishing on top of the club rankings with 56 points. the two clubs which finished equal second behind Kardinia each had 28 points. The club had 18 participants, of whom the following were lucky enough to finish in the following placings: Bronze - Liam Clark, Hugo Nadeson, Nikita Harvey, Nicholas Imbrogno, Airi Tajiri, Balin Fredericks, Mitch Fridey. Silver - Jules Aiberti (x2), Luca Aiberti, Daisy Alexander, Taira Tajiri, Airi Tajiri, Balin Fredericks, Jaxon Daw. Gold - Hayden Nilon, Mitch Fridey, Michal Valent (x2)