Club Details

The Kardinia Judo Club is a Judo Victoria registered club, based at Kardinia International College. The Head Coach is Douglas Noack, who is also a teacher of Japanese in Kardinia's Senior School. Doug is also the President of Judo Victoria.

Sessions are held as follows at Kardinia International College in the Katsumata Center, Ballarat Road, Bell Post Hill, Geelong:

  Super Juniors (Prep-Grade 3) Juniors (Grade 4-6) and Adults Senior Squad Year 7-11
Monday     7:00 to 8:30 am
Tuesday     7:00 to 8:30 am
Wednesday     7:00 to 8:30 am
Thursday 4 - 4:40 pm 4 - 5:10 pm / 5:45 pm 7:00 to 8:30 am
Friday 4 - 4:40 pm 4 - 5:10 pm / 5:45 pm  

We welcome new participants at any time. Feel free to contact us, or come along for a look.



  • Membership is open to the public, students from schools in the region and Kardinia College students, aged 5 to adult.
  • Membership fees are $180/semester or $280/year for the Club, $900 per year for the Squad** - this is the Full Year Competitor Option. 
  • **The Full Year Competitor fee of $900 covers all expenses for attending the ACT, QLD, MELB, SYD International Opens, plus the National Championships
  • The Half Year (Semester) Competitor Option is $500.00 per semester
  • There is also a Cross-Training Option. This is for people who wish to train with the squad ( generally as cross-training for another sport) but do not wish to compete in JFA tournaments. The Full Year Cross-Training Option costs $270.00. The Half-Year (Semester) Option costs $180.00 per semester. 
  • Please note that for all four Squad Options, attendance at every morning session is compulsory. 
  • New members also pay a once-only $50 joining fee which contributes to the cost of their first gi (judo outfit). 
  • From the fees, the club provides each member's first gi and pays each member's Judo Victoria Incorporated membership fees. The JVI membership
    provides Kardina Judo members with insurance cover and allows them to enter regional, State and National competitions.

Please click here to view or print the membership form.